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Product Updates

Welcome to our Product Update section for the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform. Our goal is to make corporate travel simplified and we hope these updates only improve the experience.  

November 2018

21st November

Hello! Hola! Kónnichi wa! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Nín hao! Shalóm! Buongiorno! Hallo! However you say it - say it to someone today because it's World Hello Day. With another product update, it's time to wave goodbye to past bugs & hello to fixes & new features to help enhance your experience on the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform. This week we have improvements to hotel searching, booking cancellation messages, file finishing remarks & more!

(Bugfix) Hotel not returned when using Location: City

Previously results were getting rejected when searching for hotels by City, due to the radius default. This has now been corrected so hotel search works as designed. (LM-7092)

Update the Cancel Trip interface

Now it becomes easier for a traveller or travel arranger to understand whether a trip is actually canceled after pressing the "Cancel trip" button or an action from a Travel Management Consultant (TMC) is needed to complete the cancellation. (LM-6812)

If no PNR exists, the current behaviour of the Cancel Trip window will still apply. 

If a PNR has been created, the new Cancel Trip interface will display. 

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-7581: Alternative Title pre-filling mapping for HR feed that is based on standard titles and/or gender
  • LM-4223: Improve flight search results efficiency for both international and domestic
  • LM-7644: Added a new field to file finishing remarks. This field will index segments as per filed fare.

14th November

Happy Pickle Day! Another product release with multiple improvements? No big dill, we here at Travelport Locomote are as cool as a cucumber. As we take a look at some improvements to emails, reporting, file finishing & much more in the Locomote Corporate Travel Platform, let us be (t)Hank-ful that there's only a few more these awesome product updates, before the Christmas break.

Notify TMC when quote is expired 

We have corrected the behaviour of email logic for the TMC, when a quote has expired and there is no approval/rejection from the Authoriser (ie. the quote is just sitting there unactioned.) A TMC will now receive notice, so as to either prompt the Authoriser and/or the Traveller. (LM-7992)

Introduce "Last Update Date" column into FBT Declaration Report 

We have improved the FBT Declaration Report to now capture the last time the trip was updated, which isolates the Booking Complete date and provides the Company Administrator an audit for any changes to trips. (LM-7867)

Correct File Finishing output where flight reservation contains multiple of the same flight numbers  

A problem was found with File Finishing under the following scenario:
  • A single booking is made
  • The booking contains multiple flights (say MEL to SYD 17/12/18 and BNE to SYD 21/12/18)
  • The flights are on different days but one of the flight codes (ie. JQ 123) is common to a flight in both
  • In such a scenario the "JQ 123" flight would be tied to a single date rather than two dates.

This has now been fixed and the file finishing output will report each flight against its correct date. (LM-7938)

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-7887: Reset primary "For Purpose Business" column when itinerary changes in FBT Declaration Report


October 2018

29th October

Happy International Internet Day! Let us all celebrate with a GIF as we take a look at new UI changes to the Travel Budget module, mapping of changes to Virgin Australia classes & introducing a new pre-search page loading spinner into the Locomote Mobile App. This along with other fixes and improvements rounds out our product release for the final week of October, 2018. 

Add currency to travel budget module

We have improved the Travel Budget module to include a currency prefix instead of the "$" sign so that a traveler knows which currency value is being populated. The placeholder text has also been updated from "0.0" to "0.00" to denote that the system accepts up to two values after the decimal. (LM-7627)





Mapping of Virgin Australia booking classes/fare families with Virgin Australia Trans Tasman

Virgin Australia Trans Tasman fare families have been updated to match Virgin Australia domestic fare families. The new relationships are outlined in the table below. (LM-7750)

  Getaway Elevate Freedom Business Saver Business
RBD (Classes)  T,S,M,U L,Q,V,N,E K,H,B,Y D,I C,J

Product Updates & Bug Fixes

  • LM-7458: Pre-loading progress spinner added to the Locomote mobile app when loading booking page
  • LM-7617: Reduce processing memory with larger results sets (Germanwings/Eurowings) for Travelfusion
  • LM-7367: Tramada LCBB remark – now added the ability to properly combine multiple fares into a single line
  • LM-7823: Corrected a Form of Payment error at checkout when Pay at Pickup was selected (Bug fix)

Product Updates 


For older updates, please visit our Travelport Locomote blog here.

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