Create a profile

To create a profile, you must be a Company Administrator or a Travel Arranger.

1) If you are a Company Administrator, go to the user Avatar and click Admin

2) Click Profiles in the left-hand navigation panel and click inside Profile click Add New Profile

3) If you are a Travel Arranger, go to the user Avatar and click View Profiles

4) In Profiles, click Add New Profile

NOTE: All new profiles will automatically be assigned to the Default traveller group

5) During the creation of the profile, ensure you complete all mandatory fields (each denoted by *) then click Create Profile

NOTE: All travellers will need to be assigned to an Employee Group: this allows the user to select a trip request workflow on the Dashboard. When a new profile is created, the system will automatically assign the traveller to the "Default"* Traveller Group.

*If this Employee Group does not exist - i.e. has been removed from the account - then a Company Administrator will need to assign an Employee Group via the profile's Assignment tab.

A Company Administrator will also need to assign the Role of Travel Arranger(s)/Authoriser(s)/Risk Authoriser(s) to the profile (if applicable).


- From here you might like to Edit another traveller's profile or Add an Authoriser/Travel Arranger/Risk Authoriser/Group



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