Authorise or decline an itinerary quote

1) To authorise or decline an itinerary quote, click the relevant Trip Request that has the state ‘Quote Issued’ in your Awaiting Authorisation tab:

2) The itinerary quotes are located on the Quotes section of the trip request; scroll to the bottom of the page to view the options provided:

Once you have reviewed the itinerary quote(s), you can either:

  • provide authorisation by clicking Authorise next to the quote you wish to authorise
  • message the Traveller, and/or Travel Consultant to discuss the quote, by clicking Discuss;
  • decline the quote(s) by clicking Decline All; or
  • forward the authorisation to another Authoriser by clicking Forward Authorisation.

NOTE: if you click Decline All because some details on the quote need to be changed, the Traveller/Travel Arranger will need to re-submit the Trip Request again. However, if you click Discuss, the Traveller/Travel Arranger will be able to edit the Trip Request as required.


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