Add an itinerary to my calendar

If your trip request has been generated by the Locomote Travel Management Platform (TMP), you will be able to download a calendar invite of your itinerary. 

NOTE: If your trip request in the past or if the trip has been cancelled, you will not be able to download your itinerary

1) Login to the TMP and click on the relevant trip request displayed on your Dashboard


2) The Quotes page should appear by default after selecting the trip. Alternatively to access this section of the trip request click on Quotes to the left-hand panel from under Trip Details 

3) Click View next to the itinerary generated by the Locomote platform

4) A pop-up window will appear. Click Add to Calendar

5) A calendar event will download with the trip itinerary details. Open the downloaded file to add a new event to your calendar

NOTE: This may vary depending on the operating system and email program you are utilising.

If you are using Microsoft Office, you may need to use the File - Import function in Outlook rather than double clicking the file. 


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