Invite new users to Locomote

As a current user of the Locomote Travel Management Platform (TMP), you have the ability to invite other users within your company to the platform. 

1) Login to Locomote as per normal. From within the Dashboard screen select your name from the drop-down list or start by typing your name. The results will auto-populate and update as you type. 

2) On the left-hand side, from the Dashboard you will be able to invite new users by clicking on Invite New Users which is located beneath the workflow buttons (eg. Booking Options)

3) An Invite Users pop-up window will appear, enabling you to provide the email address(es) of the new user(s). Enter the email address(es) and click Add Invitees

NOTE: If you wish to invite multiple users please ensure that you enter a comma after the email address of each user.

4) Once the emails have been sent, a green notification will display at the top of the page confirming the email(s) have been sent to the nominates address(es).


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