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Configure the Billable/Non-Billable Module

The Billable/Non-Billable module can be configured with data entry validations so when completing a trip request, the Traveller or Travel Arranger will be required to enter data to confirm the trip how the trip will be billed.

1) Click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) Click Workflows from the left-hand menu

3) Open the workflow that contains the Billable/Non-Billable module

4) Inside the Workflow screen, click the blue cog located next to the Billable/Non-Billable module

5) Enter the data requirements in the Field Validation Set-Up section including a custom message to appear in the book screen. 

6) Click Save. This will display a green notification at the top of the page, confirming the changes have been successful


A = alpha characters

N = numbers

Data Configuration Options:

  • alpha characters only e.g. AAA
  • numeric characters only e.g NNNNN
  • alpha and numeric characters e.g. NNNAAA
  • define the number of characters and format, including special characters e.g. NN-AAAAA  

7) Progress through your booking as per normal; displayed on the first Trip Details screen (after selecting your flights/hotels/cars) will be the Billable/Non-Billable workflow with your changes to the workflow.

NOTE: If a user submits an incorrect entry, a warning message will appear to indicate the correct format.

The user will need to enter the correct format before they can submit their trip request. 

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