Configure the Billable/Non-Billable Module

The Billable/Non-Billable module can be configured with data entry validations.

1) Click Admin from the Account Menu;

2) Click Workflows from the left-hand menu;

3) Open the workflow that contains the Billable/Non-Billable module;

4) Click the cog located next to the Billable/Non-Billable module;

5) Enter the data requirements in the Field Validation Set-Up section:


A = alpha characters

N = numbers

Data Configuration Options:

  • alpha characters only e.g. AAA
  • numeric characters only e.g NNNNN
  • alpha and numeric characters e.g. NNNAAA
  • define the number of characters and format, including special characters e.g. NN-AAAAA  

6) Click Save

If a user submits an incorrect entry, a warning message will appear to indicate the correct format:

The user will need to enter the correct format before they can submit their trip request. 

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