Configure the Additional Information application

The Additional Information application can be configured to allow for company-specific job references (such as project numbers/order numbers/GL codes etc.) to be recorded. 

1) To configure the Additional Information application, click on the Admin link in the Account menu.

2) Then click on the Workflows link in the left hand panel of the Admin Home page:

3) Click on the workflow, that contains the Additional Information application:

4) Click on the cog icon next to the Additional Information application:

5) The Additional Information application Settings menu will appear. 

5.1) Enter text into the Description of Application field

5.2) Click 'Add another field' + icon

Option Drop-down Menu

- Add Code

- Add Label

- Enter Drop Down Values (click 'Add drop down value' + icon)

- Tick Export to PNR (Optional)*

- Tick Mandatory (Optional)**

Free-Text Field

- Add Code

- Add Label

- Add Input Validation (Optional)^

- Tick Export to PNR (Optional)*

- Tick Mandatory (Optional)**


*If you require the field data to be added to the online booking for reporting purposes, tick Export. Additional configuration is required in the File Finishing section in the CBT Agency Admin portal. 

**If you require field to be mandatory, click Mandatory; this will prevent users from submitting a trip request until all fields are completed. 

^If you require the user to enter in data in a predetermined format, enter in the example with the placeholder data:

A = Alpha (A-Z)

N = Numeric (0-9)

Characters must be entered as per example:

Validation Requirement: AA-NNN

User input: ZA-123

Once all the relevant information has been added, 6) click Save.

NOTE The Code field is not visible to trip requester within the workflow.




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