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Forward an authorisation request to another Authoriser

As an Authoriser, you can forward a trip request that has been sent to you for authorisation on to another authoriser. 

1) From your login, the home page by default will be the Dashboard (with My Trips, Awaiting Authorisation etc.)

2) From the Dashboard search for the Trip ID (TMP-XXXXXX) number from the top right-hand corner search icon and click on the results to go to the Quote screen via Trip Details

3) In Trip Details > Quote, you will get an overview of the trip details. At the bottom of the page click Forward Authorisation

4) A pop-up window will display titled Forward Authorisation. Search for and select who to forward the authorisation to, add a brief message under Comments and click Submit

NOTE: You can only forward authorisations to people who have the Authoriser role. Contact your internal Locomote Administrator if you're unable find the authoriser you are looking for

5) A follow-up pop-up will display, confirming an email has been sent to the secondary authoriser to review

6) The Trip Details > Quote page will indicate that the trip request has been assigned to a new authoriser

7) Further evidence and information can also be found via Messages, above Quotes in the left-hand panel under the Trip Details banner

8) The new Authoriser will receive an email alerting them to the forwarded authorisation, including the message from the original Authoriser. From the email they can directly Review or Discuss the quote

9) Once one of the quotes has been approved by the forward authoriser, a green notification will display at the top of the Dashboard main page




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