Delegate my duties to another Authoriser

If you are taking a leave of absence and need to assign your Authoriser duties to another Authoriser, the Role Delegation feature will automatically assign the designated approver to any new trip requests that are submitted for your approval.

1) Click the Avatar and click on the My Profile link located in the menu

 2) Click on the Role Delegation tab located in your profile page

3) Scroll down to the Delegate Role heading. In the Description field, provide details about your time away from work

4) Provide the start and end dates of your time away from work

5) Provide the names of the Authorisers you wish to delegate your Authoriser duties to

6) Click Update Delegation to save changes

7) A green notification message will appear on the page confirming the changes have been saved

 8) To cancel or remove a delegation from a profile, click Cancel Delegation


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