Submit a trip request using the Locomote booking module

The following information outlines the process involved when submitting a trip request using the Locomote booking module.

NOTE: if your travel requires Pre-Trip Authorisation, you will not be able to select booking options for various travel segments until this authorisation has been granted from the nominated Authoriser. In this instance, upon submitting a trip request on the TMP, you will receive a confirmation message advising that your trip has been successfully submitted, and an email will be sent to the nominated/pre-assigned Authoriser.

1. To submit a trip request click on the relevant workflow buttons which appear on the left-hand side of the Dashboard:

2. For the first section of the trip request:

2.1 Enter the Trip Title

2.2 Enter the Travel Details (e.g. flights, accommodation, etc) of the trip

NOTE: if you require a return flight, please add a second Flight segment.

2.3 Select the Reason for Travel

2.4 Select the Department and/or Cost Centre (if applicable)

2.5 Select an Authoriser (if applicable)

To select an Authoriser, ensure that you first select the Authoriser Group from the drop-down menu provided:

The field box for the Authoriser will appear; select who will need to authorise your trip request from the drop-down menu provided:

If you are travelling with any other travellers, you can notify them of your travel details by adding their name into the Group Bookings field provided:

Once you have filled in the first page of requirements click Continue.

Alternatively, click Cancel Trip to withdraw the trip request or Save as Draft to save the trip request so that it can be edited at a later date.

3. Complete all of the sections on the next screen and then click Continue:

NOTE: this page will vary depending on the application selected for the workflow.

4. The Locomote booking module will load search results based on the segments entered into Travel Details specified at the beginning of submitting your trip request:

Select the option(s) for each travel segment:

Flight(s): to select an option, click directly on the fare. To change a flight(s), click on the ‘x’ button next to the fare box.

Hotel(s): the search results can be displayed in ‘Grid’ or 'Map' format. To select a room, click on the hotel and then directly on the preferred Room Rate.

NOTE: ensure that you have selected the correct number of ‘Rooms’ and/or number of ‘Guest(s) (per) room’.

Car(s): to select a car, click on the Total Rate to make a selection. To change a car, you can click on the ‘x’ button within the green fare box.

For further information regarding the flight, hotel and/or car, click the information icon and a pop-up box will appear.

Out of Policy: if you select an option that is out of policy (e.g. non-preferred suppliers, not the lowest recommended fare etc), you will need to select a Reason for breaking policy from the reasons provided:

5. Click Continue:

6. Review the Booking Details:

7. Confirm payment method for hotels and/or cars (if applicable) in the Charge Back option drop-down menu:

8. Review the Trip Cost:

NOTE: if you have any additional information for the travel consultant, please add a comment in the Special request field box.

9. To submit the booking, tick the 'I accept the terms above' box and click Complete Booking:

Once all the required information has been provided, a confirmation message will appear to confirm that your trip has been successfully submitted, and an email will be sent to the nominated/pre-assigned Authoriser:

If your trip request does not require cost authorisation, a notification will be sent to your Travel Management Company (TMC) so it can be ticketed, and your trip will be marked with the state ' Pending Booking'.  

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