Add supporting documentation related to my trip request

In order to add supporting documentation associated with your travel (e.g. conference details, meeting agendas), the Supporting Documents module must appear within the trip request workflow:

If this module does not appear, please contact your Company Administrator. 

1) To attach supporting documentation to your trip request, click the green '+' button under Attachments

2) Click Choose File and select the required file for your trip request. 

Note: supported document types are doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, csv, png, jpg, jpeg, msg, eml, xlsm. Max uploaded filesize is 10 MB. 

3) Type in reference/supplementary information in the Comments field box provided:

Additional files can be added following the same process. 

To remove a supporting document, simple click the red 'x' symbol next to the file. 

4) The supporting document(s) will be uploaded until you click the Submit/Continue button.

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