Create / Edit / Disable Travel Reasons

The purpose of a travel reason is to identify the overall purpose of the trip request.

Create a Travel Reason

1) To create a Travel Reason click on the Admin link within the Account menu.

2) Click on Travel Reasons located on the left hand panel of the screen:

You will then be able to view all the existing Travel Reasons.


1) To add a Travel Reason click on + Travel Reason:


2) Provide a Name for your Travel Reason, and a Code (if applicable), then click Save:

Note: the 'Other' tick box enables a free-text field to appear when that specific reason is selected. For example, if the Reason selected is Supplier Visit, then the comment the trip requestor needs to write is the name of the supplier. 

The newly created Travel Reason will now appear in the list of Travel Reasons:



1) To edit a Travel Reason, click on Edit next to the Travel Reason that needs to be changed:


2) Then make the necessary changes and click Save:


1) To disable a Travel Reason, click on the toggle bar (under the 'State' column) next to the Travel Reason that needs to be removed: 


The Travel Reason will now have a Disabled label under the 'State' heading:


Note: Travel Reasons are not deleted, as this may affect previously submitted trip requests. As Travel Reasons cannot be un-archived, Locomote recommend renaming the Travel Reason - e.g. Research 060715 - prior to archiving, as this will also allow you to re-create the Travel Reason in the future.



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