Configure the Travel Requirements module

As an administrator, you have the ability to set and customise Workflows and specific travel requirements for every traveller as needed.

1) To configure the Travel Requirements module, click on the Admin link in the Avatar menu

2) Click on the Workflows link in the left-hand panel of the Admin homepage

3) Click on the workflow that contains the Travel Requirements module

4) Click on the cog icon to the right of the Travel Requirements module

5) This wall take you to the Travel Requirements module where a Settings menu will appear. Click the ‘+’ button

6) Type in the Item (e.g. Flights, Accommodation, Meals, Conferences), and who the item needs to be fulfilled by (external/Travel Management Company (TMC) or internal/Travel Office).

    The Description field can either be left blank or can be pre-filled with a message to the trip requester about the type of information that is required.

    NOTE: The Default cost field must show a dollar amount greater than 0. For items that do not have a known cost amount, please ensure that 0.01 is added to this field at minimum.

7) Once you have finished adding your entries, click Save to update your changes


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