Configure the Travel Requirements module

1) To configure the Travel Requirements module, click on the Admin link in the Account menu:

2) Then click on the Workflows link in the left-hand panel of the Admin Homepage:

3) Click on the workflow, that contains the Travel Requirements module:

4) Click on the cog icon next to the Travel Requirements module:

5) The Travel Requirements module Settings menu will appear. Click the button with the ‘+’ symbol:

6) Type in the Item (e.g. Flights, Accommodation, Meals, Conferences), and who the item needs to be fulfilled by (external/Travel Management Company (TMC) or internal/Travel Office). The Description field can either be left blank or can be pre-filled with a message to the trip requester about the type of information that is required. The Default cost field must show a dollar amount greater than 0. For items that do not have a known cost amount, please ensure that 0.01 is added to this field at minimum:

7) Click Save to update your changes:


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