View or update a profile with a new Travel Arranger, Authoriser or Group

1) To view or edit a profile, click the Admin link in the Account menu:

2) Then, click the Profiles link on the left hand panel of your Dashboard:

3) Search for the relevant profile using the search field provided:

 4) Click edit next to the profile you would like to view or update:

In the Edit Employee Profile page, you will be able to update the traveller's personal and home details, loyalty memberships, special service requests/preferences, and documents (ie. passport):

In the Assignments tab, you will be able to update the traveller's profile associations (e.g. travel arrangers, authorisers, and groups):

5) To edit a Traveller's Travel Arranger(s), Authoriser(s), Risk Authoriser(s), and Group information simply click on the '+' and '-' buttons wherever relevant:

NOTE All changes that are made to a profile (including by whom, and when the updates were made) will be recorded in the Audit tab (this tab is only visible to users who have Admin access):





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