Create an Employee (Traveller/Authoriser) Group

The purpose of Employee Groups is to create separate traveller groups for reporting and/or assign specific workflows.

The purpose of Authoriser Groups is to allow trip requestors to select an Authoriser during a trip request.

1) To create, edit and/or delete an Employee Group, click on the Admin link within the Account menu:

2) Then click on the Employee Groups link on the left hand panel within the Admin Home page:

3) To create a new Employee Group, click Create a new Group:

A pop-up box will appear to create a new Group. 4) Add the Name of your Employee Group and select the Group Type (Traveller/Authoriser), then click Save:

Your newly added Group should now appear in the listing as follows:

5) To edit a group, click Edit next to the name of the group you need to update:

The pop-up box will appear to edit the Group Name. 6) Edit the Group Name as required, then click Save:

NOTE When editing details of a Group, you can only edit the Group Name but not the Group Type. If you wish to edit the Group Type, please create a new Group and assign it with the alternate Type

7) To add a Traveller/Authoriser to an Employee Group, click on the name of the Group:

8) Type in the name of the Traveller/Authoriser in the field box provided, then click Add:

9) To remove a Traveller/Authoriser from an Employee Group, click Remove next to the Traveller/Authoriser name:

10) To delete an Employee Group, click Remove next to the Group name:

A confirmation message will appear, 11) click Confirm to delete the Group:

The deleted Group should no longer appear in the Group listing. 


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