Create an Employee (Traveller/Authoriser) Group

The purpose of Employee Groups is to create separate traveller groups for reporting and/or assign specific workflows.

The purpose of Authoriser Groups is to allow the trip requester to select an Authoriser during a trip request.

1) To create, edit and/or delete an Employee Group, click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page

2) Click on the Employee Groups link in the left-hand panel within the Admin home page

3) To create a new Employee Group, click Create a new Group

4) A pop-up box will appear to create a new Group. Add the Name of your Employee Group and select the Group Type (Traveller/Authoriser), then click Save

5) Your newly added group should now appear in the listing

5) To edit a group, click Edit next to the name of the group you need to update

6) A pop-up box will appear to edit the group Name. Edit the group Name as required, then click Save

NOTE When editing details of a group, you can only edit the group Name but not the group Type. If you wish to edit the group Type, you will need to create a new group and assign it with the alternate Type 

7) To add a Traveller/Authoriser to an Employee Group, click on the name of the group

8) Type in the name of the Traveller/Authoriser in the field box provided, then click Add

9) To remove a Traveller/Authoriser from an Employee Group, click Remove to the right of the Traveller/Authoriser name

10) To delete an Employee Group, click Remove next to the group name

11) The Remove button will split into two buttons, Cancel and Confirm. Click Cancel to cancel all changes or to proceed with deleting the group, click Confirm

12) The deleted group should no longer appear in the Groups listing.


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