How do I create/edit a traveller's profile?

As a Travel Management Company (TMC), you have the ability to manage and update your traveller's profiles on their behalf including the creation of profiles.

1) Click on the Avatar menu and select View Profiles to access all profiles

2) This will direct you to all Travellers managed by your profile as a TMC. Search for the profile you are after using the search function at the top of the list

NOTE: The search criteria can be completed by Name, Email or Employee ID. When searching, the search field will auto-populate and update as you enter keywords, filtering the results.

3) If you want to add a new profile click Add New Profile 

4) Complete all of the mandatory fields in each profile tab, ensuring all details are correct 

5) Once completed, click Create Profile located at the bottom of the page

6) In the list of profiles, locate and open the profile again by clicking edit to the right of the traveller's name

7) Click on the Assignments tab within the traveller's profile

8) Add the traveller's Authoriser(s), Travel Arranger(s), Risk Authorier(s) and Group(s) by typing in the names into the fields provided and clicking the name to submit the add

NOTE: If you need to remove a name, click the X to the left of the name

9) If you need to edit or update the details of a profile, locate the profile in the list and click edit next to the traveller's name

10) Once changes have been made, click click Update Profile to save any changes to the profile.

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