How do I create/edit a traveller's profile?

1) To create and/or edit profiles, click View Profiles from within the Account menu, located on the Dashboard:

2.1) If you want to add a new profile click Add New Profile:

2.2) Complete all of the mandatory fields in each profile tab:

2.3) Once completed, click Create Profile located at the bottom of the page:

2.4) Open the profile again by clicking Edit next to the traveller's name:

2.5) Click on the Assignments tab:

2.6) Add the traveller's Authoriser(s), Travel Arranger(s), Risk Authorier(s) and Group(s) by typing in the names into the fields provided and clicking Add:

3) If you want to edit a profile click Edit next to the traveller's name:

Remember to click Update Profile to save any changes to the profile:

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