Bulk assign travellers to a Travel Arranger

As an administrator, you have complete control over which employees are assigned to specific Travel Arrangers.

1) To bulk assign travellers to a specific Travel Arranger, click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) From the left-hand panel, click on the Travel Arrangers link

3) Search for or select the name of the Travel Arranger that you wish to assign travellers to

NOTE: When searching, the results will auto-update the list with results matching the keywords entered into the search field.

3) Type in the name(s) of traveller(s) you wish to assign to the Travel Arranger and click Add

4) Once added, the newly added traveller will appear in the list automatically.

5) From this same page, you will have the ability to also remove travellers by clicking the Remove button.


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