Label states

On the Dashboard, you will notice that all of your Trip Requests have a label state to indicate their status. Below is a summary of the label state meanings:

SAVED  Trip Request saved

PENDING AUTHORISATION Request submitted and awaiting authorisation by an Authoriser*

PENDING ITINERARY  Pre-trip approved (if applicable) and pending itinerary issued by a Travel Consultant

RISK AUTHORISATION REQD  Trip Request is rated as high risk and awaiting authorisation by a High-Risk Authoriser

REQUEST DECLINED Trip Request declined by an Authoriser

REQUEST FORBIDDEN Trip Request declined due to high risk 

IMPORTING ITINERARY  Itinerary currently being created

QUOTE PARTIALLY ISSUED Itinerary sent to Travel Consultant to assist with trip request

QUOTE ISSUED  Quote(s) issued and awaiting cost approval by an Authoriser 

ITINERARY DECLINED  Itinerary declined by an Authoriser

PENDING BOOKING  Itinerary approved and pending booking/issuing 

ITINERARY REVIEW  Itinerary awaiting preferred option to be selected

BOOKING REQUIRED  Booking requires further action, please review

PRE-TRIP AUTHORISE Trip Request is pre-approved

BOOKING COMPLETE  Tickets issued

TRIP CANCELLED  Trip Request cancelled

To view the history of your Trip Request - i.e. when the trip was submitted, authorised, cancelled, ticketed, etc. - go to the Messages section of your trip request.

*An Authoriser is the person responsible for authorising travel within your company. The Authoriser is either assigned to your profile or selected at the time of creating the Trip Request. If you cannot find your Authoriser's name, please contact your Company Administrator.

If your Trip Request has been submitted to the incorrect Authoriser or needs to be authorised by another Authoriser, please forward your Trip Request: 

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