View/download/email itinerary quotes

With the Locomote Travel Management Platform, you have the ability to view, download and email your trip quotes at any time when a booking has been successfully completed.

1) To view and download itinerary quotes click on the relevant trip request displayed on your Dashboard

2) The Quotes page should appear. Alternatively to access this section of the trip request click on the Quotes option in the left-hand panel under Trip Details

3) The itinerary quotes can be reviewed on the Quotes page by scrolling down to the Itinerary Quotes section and clicking View

4) If the itinerary quote(s) have been uploaded by a travel consultant, the browser will download the file

5) If the itinerary quote(s) have been generated by the Locomote platform, a pop-up window will appear

6) To email the itinerary, type an email address into the field box provided and click Email Itinerary to forward on

NOTE: To create a calendar event, please refer to this tutorial.


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