View and reply to a message within a trip request

The Messages thread of the trip request will record all messages, as well as the history of the request, including when and by whom it has been actioned. Messages posted in this section will also be sent to recipients via email. Users can either reply within the Messages thread or via email as required. 

1) To view and reply to a message specific to a particular trip, click on the relevant trip request which can be found on your Dashboard.


2) Once within the trip request, click the Messages heading on the left hand panel:

You will be taken to a page where you can see all previous messages, as well as an audit trail of the trip request.

3) To send a message, select the recipient(s):

4) Type in your message in the field box provided and then click Submit Message:

 NOTE: It is not possible to send a message to someone who is not associated to the traveller of the trip request.

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