Submit a trip request

1. Select your name from the Traveller Menu on the left.

2. Click the Workflow button that corresponds to the type of travel you want to book.

3. On the next page, name your trip using the Trip Title field.

4. Add Segments to your trip using the Add icon  next to the type of segment you want to add.

You can delete Segments using the Delete icon  in the top right of the segment you want to delete.

The Template menu can be used to create trip templates that will pre-fill the Travel Details section of your trip request*.

5. Complete the other details; these vary between workflows.

6. To submit your trip request, click Continue. A message will appear confirming that your trip request has been submitted. An email will be sent to your Authoriser.

You can cancel your trip by clicking Cancel, or save your trip as a draft by clicking Save as Draft.

7. Your trip request will appear under the Upcoming Travel heading on the Dashboard.


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