How do I upload or delete itinerary quote files?

1) To submit an itinerary quote, click on the trip that has the state ‘Pending Itinerary’:


2) The system will direct you to the Quotes section of the Trip Request. To access the Quotes section, click Quotes located in the left-hand panel:

3) To upload your file(s) click Attach Quote (Optional):

4) Select the files from your computer that you wish to upload into the Locomote TMP:

5) Type in the Cost amount, add a description of the Itinerary Quote(s) in the Comments field, and set an Authorisation Deadline for the expiration date of the Itinerary Quote(s):

To add more than one quote, click Add Another Quote:

Once all Itinerary Quotes have been added, click Submit Quotes: 

8) Add any messages to the Trip Requestor and/or Authoriser in the Comments field. Click Submit for Review to trigger an email notification to the Authoriser that quote(s) have been uploaded and require review:

Delete Itinerary Quotes

 9) If you wish to delete Itinerary Quotes, click the ‘x’ icon next to the quote:

Refresh the page to show which quotes have been removed.

If you need to upload new Itinerary Quote(s), make sure you update the General field and click Submit for Review.



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