Create/edit a cost centre

The purpose of a cost centre is to nominate which area of the organisation will be charged the cost of the travel.

1) Click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) To create a cost centre, click on the Cost Centres link in the left-hand panel of the Admin home page

3) Click on Create a new Company Cost Centre:

4) Fill in the necessary fields, then click Save:

Name (optional): enter the cost centre name if different from the cost centre code. The name will appear in addition to the cost centre code within a trip request.

Select Departments (optional): enter the department(s) associated to the cost centre. The trip requester can then select a Department within a trip request and view/select the list of allocated cost centre(s)*. 

Codeenter the cost centre code. 

Total Budget (optional): enter the cost centre budget. This will activate the Cost Centre Budget Bar, which will appear within a trip request to advise the trip requestor and authoriser the amount of budget available for the cost centre.

Current Spend (optional): enter the current spend for the cost centre. This figure will automatically alter as each trip request in completed, however, it may be adjusted to reflect additional expenditure (e.g. ancillary travel related items).  

*This functionality needs to be activated at a Company level. Please contact Locomote for further information. 

5) The newly created cost centre should now appear at the bottom of the listing within the Cost Centres page

6) To edit a cost centre, click on Edit next to the appropriate cost centre

7) Make the appropriate changes and click Save

8) A green notification will appear at the top of the page to confirm that your changes to the cost centre have been updated

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