Create and/or delete an employee group

As an administrator, you have the ability to create, edit and remove employee groups. Setting up groups can help categorise employees which can give order to employee lists.

1) Click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) To create a new employee group, click the Create Group tile from the Admin home page


3) Create a Name for the employee group, enter a Code if needed and select the Type (ie Traveller, Authoriser etc.), then click Save


4) You will be notified of the successful addition by a green banner at the top of the page where the new group should appear instantly in the list


5) From the group list, you have the ability to Edit and Archive a group. To edit the name of the group, simply click Edit to make any further changes


6) Click Save in the Edit Employee Group window to submit any changes


NOTE: Once the Type has been set, this cannot be changed. To ‘undo’ changes, the group will need to be archived and re-created.

7) To archive the group, click Archive (to the right of Edit). This will change the Archive button into two new buttons, Confirm and Cancel


8) If you choose to disregard the Archive process, click Cancel. Otherwise click Confirm to proceed with archiving the group. By clicking Confirm the group will disappear from the current Active group list, confirming the changes were successful

9) If you choose to restore a group from an archived state, click on the Archived tab at the top of list (next to Active)


11) The group you marked as archived should appear. Click Restore to re-activate the group


12) A green notification will display at the top of the page, confirming the restore was successful


The tab will auto-switch back to Active where the restored group will appear.


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