Assign employees to roles

Within your company, you have the ability to assign specific roles to employees, depending on what level of access they require.

Most employees will require a Traveller role however certain positions within the company will require additional roles Eg. Travel Arranger or Travel Authoriser.


1) Click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) Click on the Roles link in the left hand panel of the Admin home page


3) Select the Role title that you wish to add employees to


4) Search for the employee that you wish to be added to the role by typing their name into the search field provided. Once you begin to type, the results will auto-populate. Select the employee and click Add


5) A green notification will display at the top of the page, confirming that the employee has been successfully added to the role.


6) To remove an employee from a role, click Remove to the right of the employee’s name. The Remove button will change into two new buttons, Confirm and Cancel.


7) Click Cancel if you would like to disregard changes otherwise click Confirm to submit the removal of the employee from the role.

The employees name will disappear from the list, confirming the removal was successful.


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