Assign employees to Offices

As an administrator for your company you have the ability to add, remove and assign employees to different offices.

1) To assign employees to an office, click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) From the left hand panel, click on the Offices link


3) Click on the link for the office that you wish to add employees to Eg. Head Office


4) Start by searching for employees that you wish to be added to the company office by typing their name into the search field provided.

    Once the employee has been found in the list, click on the name and click Add.


5) A green notification will appear at the top of the page, confirming the employee has been added.


6) To remove an employee from the office list, click the Remove button to the right of the employees name in the list. The Remove button will split into two buttons, Confirm and Cancel.


7) Once Confirm has been clicked, the name will disappear in the list.


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