Create, edit or archive a profile

The purpose of profiles is to allow:
- Travellers and their Travel Arrangers to submit trip requests
- Authorisers to authorise or decline trip requests
- Company Administrators to manage company data

All profiles have the Traveller role, however a Company Administrator can prevent a user from accessing signing in by unchecking the Enable Login checkbox in a traveller's profile.


1) To create a profile, please refer to Create a Profile




1) To edit a profile, search for the profile in the search field provided, and click Edit next to the traveller's name:

This will open the traveller's profile information for you to update. If you are a Company Administrator, you will also be able to assign Authorisers, Employee groups, etc. to the profile:

2) Click on the Assignments tab within the Employee Profile page:

3) Then make the necessary assignments for the traveller. To add a Travel Arranger, Authoriser, Risk Authoriser or Group, start typing the name of the person you want to add then select them from the drop down list. Click Update Assignments when you're done.

If you happen to make changes to other information within the profile, make sure to click Update Profile to ensure that these changes are saved:


To archive a profile or to bring a profile back from an archived state, please refer to this page.



Unfortunately you cannot "delete" a profile, instead you can only archive it so it cannot be used by the user. 

This is due to the profile being attached to historic trips and other data, within the database. 

Refer to the Archiving/un-archiving a Profile page to learn more about archiving and un-archiving profiles. 


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