Add/edit/delete Dashboard links

Within your company setup, you are able to customise how dashboard shortcuts display according to your company requirements. 

1) Click on the Avatar and select Admin to access the Admin home page


2) To create a new dashboard link, click the Create Dash. Button tile from within the Admin home page

3) Create a Name for the link. Select an appropriate Icon, and advise the Link type

4) Select the group(s) that will be able to use the new dashboard link, then click Save to create the link

NOTE: Dashboard links are displayed in alphabetical order

5) To edit or remove dashboard links, click on Links on the left hand panel within the Admin home page:

a. To modify, click Edit next to the required link

b. To delete, click Remove next to the required link

NOTE: If you click on the name of the link, it will act as the dashboard tile (i.e. a file will download or a new webpage will be opened).

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