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Dashboard overview - Administrator

As an Administrator, you have the highest level of access for your company and will be the go-to (or on of the go-to) people for all of your colleague's travel needs within the Locomote Travel Management Platform (TMP).
Whether you are new to the role of Administrator or new to the Locomote TMP, take a moment to get to know the dashboard that will cover everything from platform customisation for your travellers, to reporting, profile management and administration for your company. 


  1. User Avatar This is used to access everything to do with your own and other user's accounts
  2. Quick link to view the Dashboard No matter what page you're on you can come back to the home Dashboard
  3. Dashboard Links Can be customised by you, the administrator to show Travel or Policy links relating to your company
  4. Access the Administration Dashboard Used to manage and customise any company configuration 
  5. Access Support This will take you directly to our support site for assistance
  6. A list of all trip requests These include upcoming trip requests, arranged by you or assigned by you (colour coded to match the label state)
  7. A list of Arranged Trips Arranged by you, for other travellers
  8. Important contact information Handy contact information includes who the company Travel Authorisers, Arrangers and other Company Administrator(s) are
  9. Search bar Search for previou trips; search can be done by Trip ID (eg. TMP-xxxxxx) or by keyword




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