Bulk assign an Authoriser/Risk Authoriser/Travel Arranger to an Employee Group

1) To bulk assign an Authoriser, Risk Authoriser, and/or Travel Arranger to a particular Employee Group, click the relevant link shown under the Assign via Groups link within the Admin Home page:

2) Then click the name of the Employee Group you wish to assign the Authoriser, Risk Authoriser, and/or Travel Arranger to. In the example provided, an Authoriser will be bulk assigned to the 'Default' Traveller Group as shown in the image below:

3) Tick the checkbox of the Authoriser that you wish to assign to the Group, 4) then click Assign Role:

NOTE Performing bulk assignments is an irreversible process. Please ensure that you confirm the assignments you are making before proceeding.

If you wish to bulk assign an Authoriser to a particular Employee Group but the Authoriser's name does not appear in the listing, this is because the Authoriser has not yet been assigned to an Authoriser Group. Please refer to tutorial titled: 'How do I assign employees to Employee Groups', located in the Administrator section of the Locomote Support Centre for instructions on how to perform this task. 


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